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while walking around

Graffiti in Firenze

T here’s a slow build up of pressure occurring everyday. A mild escalation day by day. What kind of an idiot borrows money to come study art during the recession???! Haha. Yes that’s one thought. Another is – Why have I come all the way here to Florence? All the way from India. Alone? Oh yes and here’s another: What do you hope to show these people? These ancient race of artists… handicraft is engraved here in every stone, every shoe that’s worn by the pedestrians, every woman who walks in her leather jacket. Italians are great lovers of the right process. Repetition of a process till the finish is impeccable. From cleaning a house to me polishing wood in my wood-cut class. Well, we’ll find out won’t we?

I came here to put myself far far away from my comfort zone. In order to produce something I could be proud of. Now that i’ve been lifted and dropped half way across the world, in the midst of many other cultures. I will begin to understand routine and techniques and soon will have something to show you. Fresh from Italy!