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Archive for June 2011

Young and on fire

– Full of hope and desire. More Mindscape? What do you think of these? Good, bad, pathetic, vague, interesting? Throw any words.

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Soon we might have to pay to see a woman (like we do for a giraffe) as the sex ratio plunges deeper than the bore well machines. These here are part of a campaign on the girl child. Logo, illustration and design in a HURRY like never before. Nisha Susan is the conceptualiser. I am…

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First class

When you decide to go for a film even though there is an 11:40 pm show and you have work the next day – lets just say it is a decision you take immediately when you hear X men : FIRST CLASS.¬†From the time the first droning note starts the film’s credits a weight hangs…

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