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Archive for August 2011

more on supakitch & coraline

[vimeo w=500&h=400] Perhaps you’d remember the previous video i’d posted on these guys. Here’s some more on them and what makes their work what it is. Last post here

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M for Mesmerising

Wonder how the hell these are suspended. It’s an idea which most would shun aside as too simplistic. I like the fact that it’s been carried out and so well! Images by Melvin Sokolsky in Paris, for Harper’s Bazaar, 1963.

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Octopus in progress

ery thrilled at painting this wall. I find it a bit deflating that until I am asked, I hardly do self initiated work (except computer illustrations)< Bad Behaviour. Since I got my new house, I have been planning things for little corners – sculptures and painting the walls and all sorts of fun things. You…

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An octopus for the wall

Something is stirring on the wall in office. I haven’t hand drawn things for what feels like eternity. I love painting.  My new house is going to see some more action on this front. Have you recently done something at your house yourself? Made a corner look special or made a lamp? Such a thrill.…

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