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Hi, I'm Samia. I'm a graphic designer and an artist based in Chandigarh, India. Some of my skills include illustration, graphic design, web design, packaging design, design thinking, brand strategy, printmaking, UI & UX design, storyboarding, photo styling, making comics & music.

I am the Creative Director of Preet Nagar Residency, an artist and writers residency that I run with my family, in Preet Nagar. An intended community set up by my great grandfather in the 1930s between Amritsar & Lahore, the two cultural hubs of pre-partitioned Punjab.

Oh, and I make music with my Delhi based band Station Ikigai.

My artistic interest lies in effective communication of new knowledge and research that may help create positive understanding and response to the emotional, social and political landscapes we live in, in order to live fuller happier lives. Creating effective moments of interaction through art and design is powerful as the experience you have is unique and stays with you - lingering and resurfacing at different points in time. I work across illustration, graphic design, sculpture, and music to create these lucid moments.

A quick look at a book I just finished working on.

Photo Credit: Kazuhiko Monden 

Door to Asia, Japan

I am grateful to be part of a think tank of Asian designers who are working to improve disaster affected businesses through design and intersectional collaboration. Read more


Exploring the North East

The sketch for this was made in a jeep while driving up to Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh from Guwahati, Assam for a music festival. Nobody could quite say how long the drive would take. Everybody we asked had a different answer. My friend and I braced for a 7 hour drive but it ended up being close to 12 hours and to top that off we had a drunk driver who kept taking "breaks"! After getting the taxi driver out of one of his various drinking stops and banning his breaks (only in India) - to calm down, I started to sketch the magnificent tropical forest and all the signage BRO ( Border Roads Organisation :)) had put through the endless mesmerising forest. A rare long drive where you see the jungle and barely any human settlements.

Etching, Edition of 10.

Lady Next door (Etching edition of 10, Florence 2012) INR 15,000, Size: 10 x 15 cm, 2 plates printed on the same paper)

Lady next door

While studying in Florence, I used to often look outside my room's window where this lady would occasionally be looking back at me, if she wasn't out buying groceries with her dog, or watching TV. She could have been about 80 and I used to think about her living alone, smoking as she watched people on the road go by.
Etching 2012 (Sold Out)