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Time Alone The mind-blowing geographical setting of Shaka Surf Club, sea out front and backwaters at the back. A tiny village on this little strip of land. Drone photo by Nishq Talwar Can you believe it. Finally, it is time for a holiday! Unreal. The brain gets so used to routine and pattern. Up until…

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Disco Partay

Fact one: For all the fun times had dancing all night in our last 5 years, there are no places or no places with GOOD dance music in this expected to be great city of New Delhi. You know the kind of music you’ll have to change your plans for. Like you had a plan,…

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Just turn up and fight – day after day

veryday is slowly getting set to a pace. I have always imagined hitting 30 to be a time when you yourself will find a rhythm that suits you. All concerns will magically arrange themselves onto shelves in your brain. Much like Dumbledore setting back a busted room in one of the Harry Potter movies. Yes,…

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Break on through the other side

ne cannot predict what will happen when travelling. Especially travelling to a place that is culturally very different. But professions are a good thing. You meet so many people who are working in similar fields. Its encouraging to know that they are thinking similar thoughts and facing similar problems. I have never felt the need…

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you got the silver

ove the guy. Love the song. How does one even begin?? This song qualifies as the winter blues drive away. And look at the man – just look at him!

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