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Field Notes

Girl With Guitalele

o say I have missed printmaking would be an understatement. All for the analog, all for the hands; the mind following the body rather than the body hosting the mind. I am in the search of the tactile. Something sad happens to us when we become phone tapping zombies, eyes glazing over as our backs…

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Time Alone The mind-blowing geographical setting of Shaka Surf Club, sea out front and backwaters at the back. A tiny village on this little strip of land. Drone photo by Nishq Talwar Can you believe it. Finally, it is time for a holiday! Unreal. The brain gets so used to routine and pattern. Up until…

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Tango day one

via GIPHY via GIPHY Tango: Day One or the last five years, FIVE WHOLE YEARS I have been thinking deeply about a dance class – specifically a Tango class and where I would find one and how I could go about finding one. As life continued, like it does, this question in my heart has…

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