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Archive for February 2011

Growing pains

Since childhood you remember some instances that really disturbed you. Some things still really shake you up. Life goes on and you realise that nothing remains as big as it seemed then. Story here

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short interview

Just to clarify. This is not my work. I think it’s a nicely done short overview of what’s happening with a few poetic moments. Featured here as I like it. [vimeo w=500&h=400]

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project 2

After having succesfully finished my moleskine in time for the sketchbook project. I have now signed up for the next one called A million little pictures and am excited to receive the camera and t-shirt. Yay!

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[vimeo w=500&h=400] Video actually , can be the highest form of art. There’s a need to get closer in video. Closer to the essence of the moment. Closer to the feeling the subject is undergoing. Closer, tighter, slower. faster. I am fascinated by motion and reality unfolding to tell a story like it can…

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