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Girl with Guitalele, edition of 12. INR 15,000, A3 size

To say I have missed printmaking would be an understatement. All for the analog, all for the hands; the mind following the body rather than the body hosting the mind. I am in the search of the tactile. Something sad happens to us when we become phone tapping zombies, eyes glazing over as our backs curve down bowing our heads to the ground. I am in search of aligning all my states of mind into one present moment and printmaking is one of my favourite ways to achieve this singular point.

I realise this image is a bit hectic when it keeps moving, but it's sort of the feeling in one's head when doing printmaking. Lighting quick decisions are to be taken when doing aquatint because then it's going to stay that way forever. There isn't time for much deliberation, no matter how much you might want to - there is no way to lengthen time sometimes. Much like life, the arts. You can prepare all you want but when it's time, it's time.

I want to remember my thoughts. To record my understanding of the world. I want to retain my learnings. I want to mark the path I have walked so when I get lost I can find the way back to where I was. Primarily this is why I draw. It's a way to retain some kind of personal account of all the information my mind perceives. The twin goal is to keep on expanding this area, this perspective, this space, to look outwards, from here what do I see of the environment, the city, the people, the country, the world that I live within? It's open ended I know, but I can work with this brief. 

To mark the feeling of solitude that finally feels good. The 20's are over thank God almighty. Some resemblance of identity, security, stability, confidence, ease and relaxation has begun to settle. The child has been given a healthy dose of reality and time has made us grow up. As we try to remain true and in awe of beauty while retaining our softness for the world, our feet are on solid ground and we can smell freedom and our spirits are lifted as we watch the storm clouds rolling in electrifying our souls. All dreams are possible, all hurts are forgiven, all that we can carry is hope for the future and reverence for each moment that is your present.

Girl with Guitalele, edition of 12.


Opening photo by Keertna Sapra