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Is a patron supposed to patronize?

The highly inspiring talks at Typo Berlin 2013 still influence my thinking

I can't seem to get my head around this issue. The answer for me is a clear no. Why? You chose to look into the arts/design and offer an assignment or a project or a frog. You are looking for a logo. You are looking for something to come up on that wall over there. Yes. I am looking for a good butcher -I'm dying to make an excellent stew. I want good quality meat which I trust. Do I now go ahead and tell the butcher, "Hey you know, there's a hundred meat shops in this city - if you want me to buy your meat you will have to make it cheaper and better than the rest!"(?) Please if you come to me for work that you need, understand your ethical position and don't behave like a moron! Surprise me! I have been fortunate enough to receive a few grants and scholarships but none of the people who gave me those behaved condescendingly. So dear Indian clients, grow a little gentlemanly or gentlewomanly else walk back slowly (f*** off). Conditionally yours, Samia.