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Just turn up and fight – day after day

Everyday is slowly getting set to a pace. I have always imagined hitting 30 to be a time when you yourself will find a rhythm that suits you. All concerns will magically arrange themselves onto shelves in your brain. Much like Dumbledore setting back a busted room in one of the Harry Potter movies. Yes, I’m sorry if you hate the whole JK Rowling body of work but I can tell you I have seen them more times than is normal. Anyway, not to digress -I am aiming for this epiphany by the time I hit 30. Not that you can plan such things – but all we can do is try.You know the whole work – fitness balance thing. God knows artists and designers like many other people are always in studios, working away; as yoga mats, sneakers, skipping ropes and weights gather dust. Its not so difficult in theory – a pace, a rhythm, a routine but sometimes work will bring down upon you THE problem that you will have to sit with for hours hopefully not days. You will stare at it, curse it, have a tea, curse it again, leave the studio, come back and maybe see a solution. Its these times that are detrimental to the balance that is so important for our minds to work well and our bodies to feel fit. Yah, everyday is slowly getting set to a pace, its getting there. Im not saying there’s a permanent solution but I think I might have some tricks to help me. Perhaps they should be listed categorically.

Here’s some of the work I did recently. An acrylic on canvass commissioned painting that I was talking about in my last post freshly finished. Untitled, 2×4 feet.


An album cover and the album art for Mumbai based funk/ nu disco duo Madboy/Mink’s  debut EP




Madboy:Mink_lyricsinside left


Madboy:Mink_lyricsinside right


And a logo for Regendre, Quelle genre? Quelle gender? A London based blog exploring issues and successes in the LGBTQ community.






I love art and I love design. Both have a lot in common & the knowledge of both adds a lot to each other.

I always imagine Marc Chagall’s thought could perhaps include design as well “Art must be an expression of love, or it is nothing.”

Until next time amigos, we don’t know what joys life will bring by then but see you soon.