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First class

When you decide to go for a film even though there is an 11:40 pm show and you have work the next day – lets just say it is a decision you take immediately when you hear X men : FIRST CLASS. From the time the first droning note starts the film’s credits a weight hangs over the crowd of  about 50 people. You dont sense such a tickling electric silence in any normal circumstance.

I remember this weight from a Roger Waters concert I had attended about 3 years ago – everybody on the edge of something they cannot speak of.

Anyway – Begin: Magneto’s childhood and what drives his core. The sudden cut of the doctors room from a different angle that exposes the gravity of the situation. Fassbender is the man. The Style. The emotions. The intensity. He has driven Magneto’s rage to the sane section in my book. The man is evil , the man has reason. The charming Charles. Effortless lightnessness. Endearing humour. What a script. What heaven were these people trained in. What keeps them so sharp. The shots. The editing. The actors. The special effects. I am in my dream. The sound lacked the intensity of all else. I was missing the abstract yet spot on scores from Shutter island and  Batman Begins. That is my only complaint. The end credits were a cherry on top. Sleeping at 3 am and going to office groggy and missing yoga class in the morning are the side effects but I am going again for another drink.

duh duh duh daa