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In defence of the Naïve

  love storms. I love rain. I think a lot of people sweating it out in 48 degress centigrade in northern India share this love for rain, clouds and stormy weather with me. In my first sketch for the street art wall mural, I drew our dog Ajibo with me and Vaibhav flying out, away…

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‘Ze Bluz

Ever have the feeling where you feel entirely useless. that no matter what you do its shit. that you should be doing something greater than this. you are wasting your time? wasting your life away?this is a sedative for that. I need to do these things in small doses in order to keep things afloat.…

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collective future

As we all sit and work in our lives planning our futures and dreams, something else is unfolding outside. I wonder what will happen to our species.(The ash clouds passing over a farm in iceland and part of construction wiped out due to the volcano)

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Visual Style

Theres two ways to look at it. One is that all your work should have some sort of imprint. That you have done it. And the other is that it should not all look the same which is boring.So at the moment the things i do respond to how i feel about the brief/article. The…

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