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Notes to self

No time. Not an hour a day to think. Not two. But sometimes an extensive dip into the soul is required. Life’s waters mostly take you along. Sometimes one has to steer, shift slight directions, or gather spirit and scream down waterfalls. All quite exciting really. Here’s some sketching from some time spent lately.

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Enter the Sketchbooks

I love seeing other people”s sketchbooks. And its even better when they write about their process and mediums used. Rishabh, my colleague at Tehelka brought this wonderful book he picked up from Italy. Here’s some things for you to look at.

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 ketching wasn’t always a part of me. I started doodling behind pages of my math book in school because I hated math and scribbling random things was a great way to drown out my math anxiety. Then the next thing I remember enjoying drawing was diagrams in biology. I rendered them when I couldn’t remember…

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