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I'm up all night to make some

They’re up all night to get some. I’m up all night for good fun.. ok i’ll stop.

Since I have landed in Italy, a variety of things have been happening. We spend our days in the studio – printing and etching and looking at the clock hoping that the acid will not eat away too far into the plates.

In the evenings we walk or bicycle. Sitting in the piazzas/in the train to cities nearby – there are so many chains of thought. So many jokes. So many kinds of conversations. So many mysteries and so many revelations. Its hard to combine these various themes as one. I love to write in my notebook and draw but more and more I feel that each kind of genre requires a different feel.

A serious story might need serious drawings and serious text and serious looking typography. A funny thing might need funny drawings, funny text and yes you get the drift.
So – solution is to have a set of very tiny books. Here is a sneak peek at book number one – Something Changed. Let me know if you’d like  one.

Something Changed _ Samia Singh

Something Changed_ Samia SinghSomething Changed_ Samia Singh

Something Changed_Samia Singh