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Robert Crumb wraps up Comic Con India

Something has got to shift in the general mental make up after seeing Robert Crumb’s work. From the line quality to the larger umbrella under which his work sits – mindnumbing stuff. Crumb said that the world needs more satire and less original artworks talking about comics in museums. He was impressed by World Comics India, and felt that there was a great scope for amateur comics. Issues can be brought up easily in the comic format, in comparision with other modes of conversation which fall short discussing taboos.Gary Groth introduces Crumb as a miserable hillarious existential slob.
Crumb says he enjoys lettering and layouts especially in covers.Crumb’s illustration mocking his relationship with women.

On being asked whether he was planning any work on whats going on financially in his country, Crumb said that heavy shit goes on. He is gathering evidence. He has many conspiracy theories. He has been avoiding doing political analysis doing more personal autobiographical stuff for the past few years. But he is gathering evidence. He looked at my sketchbook and even made a little advice sketch! What an inspiring weekend.

And may I add that Gary Groth was a superb host, I enjoyed their conversation immensely.