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Something to feel

Somebody had the brain to leave a spot of nature in the middle of this cement landscape. Open. Completely transforming the thoughts in my mind. Why am I pacing it? Why stick to a safer speed. A downhill slope and your legs go faster than your mind would permit. In this rigid lined defined lifestyle – im not complaining i just miss the outdoors. You’d never feel this way in a gym. I imagine all the places i’ve run at – would like to run at. Mountains, lakes, beaches, small villages, urban compounds where you go round and round, fake gardens, real forests, fake forests. Plugging in. Its priceless. Makes me want to make a film about running. Nothing can take away what you get from it. It adds to all you do otherwise. Beautiful sunday. If you haven’t got it in you, you cant hope to find it when you need it. Photo: Nike Running