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Oh the places you'll go

Its always rushed when leaving home, you never really know for sure that you are leaving till you are in that plane, train, bus or car.

Jul 8, 2014

here wasn’t enough time to pack well or atleast pretend to. The visa takes forever and this time it came a few hours before the flight. The truth is one can never mentally prepare to go to a new place. Somewhere over the snow covered mountains in Afghanistan and the lake swamped forest covered Helsinki…

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The wall

Jul 8, 2014
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Just turn up and fight – day after day

Apr 11, 2014

veryday is slowly getting set to a pace. I have always imagined hitting 30 to be a time when you yourself will find a rhythm that suits you. All concerns will magically arrange themselves onto shelves in your brain. Much like Dumbledore setting back a busted room in one of the Harry Potter movies. Yes,…

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Life and Times

Feb 18, 2014

ood things have been happening. I am now much more comfortable being a non office goer. I am happy to say that I did not die without routine. I thought i would wither into a corner of the world and quietly perish because I would be “all on my own”. I have been spending time…

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Diving in and surfacing out

Dec 4, 2013

o artist can predict what kind of work they will be creating in the next year. They can predict some aspects – like skill, colour, tone, quality etc all should improve and generally one’s graph should rise but content is some other game. You will also know what elements you use in your work –…

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Fetching for sketching & etching

Sep 30, 2013

ore than drawing these days my head is full of information. Information on music, information about the future, information on how to break my head free of all the dull things like errands and life in general. But its good to see a new development. Seeing something exactly and drawing it millimeter by milimeter of…

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I'm up all night to make some

Jun 16, 2013

They’re up all night to get some. I’m up all night for good fun.. ok i’ll stop. Since I have landed in Italy, a variety of things have been happening. We spend our days in the studio – printing and etching and looking at the clock hoping that the acid will not eat away too…

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Exhibition report: Come Find Me May 25-26

May 30, 2013

Come Find Me, Firenze was great fun. We knew nobody in this city – most of us are from outside of here spending between 5-9 months at our printmaking school. Florence is an ancient city – very inspiring and everything but a bit dead on young art. We wanted to step in and show some of…

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Night before the exhibition opens

May 26, 2013

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

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