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Exhibition report: Come Find Me May 25-26

Come Find Me, Firenze was great fun. We knew nobody in this city Рmost of us are from outside of here spending between 5-9 months at our printmaking school. Florence is an ancient city Рvery inspiring and everything but a bit dead on young art. We wanted to step in and show some of our work and gather some exchange in conversations. Three houses were opened to the public over a weekend and it was very inspiring and energising to meet all these new people!

It also validated something most of us already feel. To go on doing what you love – with a bit of a skeptical eye. Don’t crush the creative process by being overtly controlling/demanding of yourself. Let your mind run around thinking of ideas. Do lots of sketches – come back and collect the valuable ones and do them with discipline. Edit well. Seek quality and humor. Replace this sense of doom with ironic humor – is the only way out and the only way in.

More about the exhibition here

Firenze by night, Aquaforte + aquatint

Firenze by night, Aquaforte + aquatint

thunder at cascine, monotype.

thunder at cascine, monotype.

sketch detail

sketch detail


Bianca Tschaikner's work

Bianca Tschaikner’s work

Ovidiu Batista's work

Ovidiu Batista’s work

Paula Fraile's work

Paula Fraile’s work

Eri Mizutani's work

Eri Mizutani’s work

Paolo D Antonio's work

Paolo D Antonio’s work

Will add a few more photos in a few days.