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How to be Patient

Okay, now. We have a problem. I have working on improving my skill and concepts and adding a bit of humour sometimes to my work. But one thing I still fail to work on is patience. The ability to sit and sit and sit and keep on polishing your work till it has reached just the level you expected it to reach when you started out. This, I believe is the biggest hurdle for me. I am more patient than before, but God knows I have a long way to go. There are many ways one can build patience. I have started on an animation. Due to the things one has seen – my mind tends to imagine these beautifully intricate scenes and moments. All with timing and sound perfectly in sync. So that experiencing the story unfold would be like an encounter with art. But right now i’m at a 60 percent finish with my animation and it feels like pushing an elephant up a 90 degree slope. Here’s hoping for a wave of patient molecules entering my brain and living here till I die. Whoooosh.