Photo by A&Y


While travelling, in quiet moments, sometimes even in the midst of total chaos - new ideas come and fly past one's head. This is seconds we are talking about. Then they are gone forever! A part of being an illustrator and designer is to keep catching the good ones and releasing the not so good ones. These are then written about, thought about, researched about, drawn about. Then turned into a final iteration or two. A part of my personal practise is printmaking. Solitude, friendship, time, fear and nature are common themes that I often find myself thinking about and exploring in my work. Here's some of it:


Each of these is an edition print of 10 ( barring Firenze by Night) which means that after the mentioned number of prints has been hand printed on wet paper using the age old hand rolled printing press, the zinc/copper/wood block or plate that the artwork was created on has been destroyed and this artwork can never be recreated again.


Commissioned work

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