Illustrated Reportage

Nov 29, 2015

Recently I was asked to come and attend the The Economist India Summit and create an illustration that would give a gist of the talks that were held. Standard Chartered and the Economist wanted to be able to gift a souvenir to the speakers at the conference. I’ve always been fond of sketching people and…

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Web design

Jul 25, 2015

any many many many corrections and versions later does a website see the light of day. It’s unlike anything else I’ve made. There is only the computer (mostly) and the screen. Things you thought looked alright yesterday don’t look quite the same today – there is always room for making it better and better –…

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A wall in a house

Jul 25, 2015

hat an absolute delight to make fun things for people when there are very few limitations! Priya got in touch with me after being recommended by one of my friends. She’s got a tiny daughter and has just moved to Gurgaon from Bangalore with her husband. She wanted to commission artworks on themes and poems…

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Million Kitchen logo and identity

A rainy mid-year update

Jul 15, 2015

ullo everyone! Sorry to have not updated over a long few weeks. Busy days. As I move forward I am working on some assignments longer than others. Tight deadlines are always there but I have made it a point to involve some slow moving assignments as well. Things get to reach the quality mark as…

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Jul 10, 2015
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typo berlin

Is a patron supposed to patronize?

May 7, 2015

I can’t seem to get my head around this issue. The answer for me is a clear no. Why? You chose to look into the arts/design and offer an assignment or a project or a frog. You are looking for a logo. You are looking for something to come up on that wall over there.…

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Animation in the making

Apr 19, 2015

  an’t say what it is about old school frame by frame 2d animation. These days all I need is some empty time, a glass table, a clip-on lamp, tons of A4 sheets, a fine nib and ink. I remember enjoying this throughly in college and now here we go! As things are progressing now…

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The Intercontinental Rollercoaster Club

Mar 19, 2015

The Indian Connection {IRCC} from Alberto & Yago Videography on Vimeo. Hey all! A&Y made this incredible video in the Uttarayan Art Foundation in Baroda where we spent close to a month in an artist residency in October 2014. Enjoy!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.23.11 PM

My cover design in 50 Amazing Covers you will want to pick up!

Mar 8, 2015

My book cover for The Twisted Twenties  featured in 50 Amazing Covers you will want to pick up on Canva along with some incredible work – some of which I have linked below. Book covers are an incredibly rich and inspiring area to play with in print design – I am working on more and…

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